My cat Percy

My little Boy Percy - He seems depressed? He not moved off the bed for two days, and i can tell by his meows hes not happy?
Do you think hes had enough staying indoors? I always talk to him and have him on my lap when im on the computer. I DO try to give him lots of love an attention - i dont ignore him.

I feel terribly guilty. Maybe if i put him on a lead and went for a walk outside with him? I dunno. I cant let him roam free - cos i know he would get lost.
Maybe i should get another cat to keep him company. I know hes not himself - dont ask how - i just know.

My Boy seems Sad :frowning:


Maybe try spicing up his diet with some new food??? Or treats?? How bout cat nip. How old is he.

I would say try taking him out on a lead first.

Hes about 6 years old. But he only got 3 legs. and partially blind. Maybe ill get catnip for him.

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Cheers @anon94176359 - Parhaps he want to go out and explore. Ill get a lead and take him out.


Has he ever been an outdoor cat?? He might miss the outdoor if he was. If he’s always been indoors might be a tough adjustment to an outdoor cat though.

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Yes i believe he used to be outdoor - but was in a car accident - and i took him in as a rescue - he was found at the side of the road until RSPCA got him. Poor sods probably lonley and bored. Im gonna get a lead and take him out i think. I just might get another rescue female whos been neutered to keep him company.

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That’s a good idea! I’d like to get my Donny Juan a buddy too. But couldn’t afford to any time soon. I’d get like 6 cats if I could lol.

Yeah but with his injuries it could be dangerous for him to be outside,unless he’s on a lead and you’re watching him.

I wish your Percy great happiness

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Thank you. I dont want my boy to be sad! Im gonna check my finances see if i can afford another cat. Should be Ok - i get a discount at the PDSA. Will get a lead first - so he can at least have a nosey out the back. x

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You might want to take him to the vet. It’s not normal for a cat to suddenly not leave a spot for a couple days.


I will ring them up then. Good idea. If they wanna see him, ill take percy in.


Cats don’t necessarily like other cats automatically, so getting another may not be wise.

Cats need to be trained to use a lead, otherwise you might find they don’t like it at all. Train him to wear it indoors first. Given the chance to go outside untrained it might try to bolt and strangle itself from my experience.

Plus, my cat got sick from tick and flea treatment for a few days after application.


Phoned the vet up anyway - just so he can have a general checkup and ill drop percy in. Thanks for the advice about the lead. Will try with it with him indoors first. I actually think the poor buggers lonely and missing outdoors - cos he was originally an outdoor cat, but with his disabilitys i obviously cant let him roam free. Got some catnip coming in the shopping today - and giving him extra attention today, hes moved off the bed when i tempted him with some treats.

I will think about a second cat. Im dropping him off to the vets in the morning - just to make sure nothing serious is going on.
Dont want my Boy suffering. :frowning:


Update : Took my boy to the Vets and hes in good health. But yes, i was told hes gotta adjust to being
indoors now, so now ive forked out near £40 quid for a plugin Scent designed for cats, most likely containing catnip to keep him from bieng anxious. Feel a bit guilty for drugging my cat up - but i want him to be happy, he seems alot happier and i took him out the back for a wonder on a lead.

Hes purring at me again - which is good. Ive got a really long dog lead ive put him on outside, so at least he can have a wonder about. Poor thing. And i thought i had it bad :frowning:


Awe. That costs I spent on my cats. More fun for having fun with my cats!

So proud of you @Naarai for adopting. It’s a process. You both need to buy in and do it! If a cat is purring your doing a good job so don’t stress too much!

Cats are curious creatures! They are way smarter than you think and they will always suprise you even ten years later!

Well done you and hope you figure it all out!


Thanks - Yes im still on a learning curve. He seems to have cheered up. Hes having extra treats today - And got him some tuna. Topped up his flea treatment as well - as im letting him outdoors now. Debbie my nieghbour upstairs has fallen in love with him as well. Glad i got my happy boy back :blush:


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