My cat lost 4 pounds and my parking lot sucks

So the good news is my overweight cat somehow managed to lose 4 pounds and the bad news is I HATE MY PARKING LOT…seriously, there are other apartment complexes of this size and their parking situation is just fine. This place, no, it’s well beyond capacity. You get home or go out after five pm, you’re going for a good long walk back to you’re building dude. I mean on my way back tonight I was thinking through gritted teeth that it IS good exercise which I badly need, especially carrying a twelver. But I just don’t get it, what do they do? Go and spend millions trying to buy up other complexes in the area rather than first of all repave the lot and extend it’s parking space. My sister, who lives here too, says it’s because so many people have undeclared roommates, couch surfers, closet dwellers and who knows the hell what and management isn’t towing anyone despite the fact you need a parking sticker. Visitor parking? Apparently for work vehicles, visitors can go jump off a cliff.

Just knock down the damn tennis court ruins now used as a place for people to play fetch with their dogs and create new parking spaces, and tow the cars without stickers. My plumbing all went at once as well, and of course management doesn’t do a damn thing for people with privately owned units, it took them three months to fix my sliding door which for some reason qualified as a maintenance job.

Sorry. Just had to vent…and this is bassicaly where I am for the foreseeable rest of my life. No idea where the money came from to drop on 2 two bedroom units for my sister and I. Probably mine for all I remember.