My cat is gone and I can't stop crying

She was 17 years old and very sick. But she was my best friend for the 17 years and I miss her so much. This morning we took her to the vet and she was put to sleep. I loved her so much, I feel so horrible. I feel physical pain in my heart. What to do.


It will take time. Maybe use your personal belief system to give it a place.

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I had to go through this twice last year and its not nice, my mums pet dog Piper was an amazing dog and we had her from a Pup, Then mums Cat had Kidney Failure, I felt so bad when they put Piper to sleep, I felt guilty and upset, especially when i saw her drop and i cried so much but then the tears cleared and I realised that there is nothing i can do, so I just accepted it as part of life.

Sorry about your Cat, 17yrs is a long time x


I’m sorry to hear about your cat
I hope she is in kitty heaven now
There’s loads of other cats out there would love a home. So maybe in the future you can give another cat a home but I’m sure she will never be forgotten

I’m so sorry about your cat.

I’m sorry for your loss. :pray:

I’m so sorry @nimeton. I understand how you feel

Maybe take it easy for a little while, it’s ok to cry about it.

Thank you for the comments. Today is a sad day. I hope I can express my feelings through art. It’s my coping mechanism. I know my kitty is now in peace, no more pain… but I just miss her so so much. It hurts. But thank you all for your help. It means a lot.


Maybe there will be a new cat soon. It will be a different friendship, but it can still bring you peace and joy. It’s okay to mourn the loss of your fuzzy friend – they are such a huge and wonderful part of our lives.

Condolences from another cat person.


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That’s devastating. I’m so sorry.


I lost one of my dogs last year and still cry about it at least once a week.

You should just let all the cry out.

Translate it into your art, like you said.

I’m so sorry for the loss of your cat.

I feel that pain and it’s deep.


So very sorry for your loss @nimeton.

You gave your baby a wonderful and happy life, and she will always be a part of your heart :cherry_blossom:.

Take care of yourself during this difficult time :purple_heart:.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your best friend passing. I lost my best friend cat, in 2014, from kidney cancer. Having pictures of him helps. I still miss him so much. I hope the pain lessens soon, for you.

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Thank you for the comments. She was my best friend, nearly half of my life. We shared everything. She was always there for me. Our home is so empty now. Maybe I will get a new cat someday. But not soon. I just want her back.

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I’m so sorry for your loss @nimeton .I know how it feels like because when I was 22 we had to put my 18year old cat to sleep too and I was devastated. Time is a healer, it will get better and maybe there will be new generations of cats in future… Yes, expressing grief through art is a good idea. Hope you feel better soon! Hugs :hugs::hugs:

Time. The only thing you can’t protect them from. May she RIP

oh man, loving a pet is the same as loving a human for me…sorry you had to put your cat down…we had to put down our phideaux a couple years ago…still miss him…get yourself a kitten.

I’m so sorry @Nimbus

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Weird that as my cats called Nimbus a british blue who was murdered i think. Became disabled gradually and dissapeared.