My case manager is trying to be friends with me

I just texted him the Medicare premium is going up $22 to $170.10 from $148.50, and I only budgeted a $10 increase.

He offered to give me the extra $12 out of his own pocket.

I like him too and wouldn’t mind being platonic friends, but I am seeing him professionally. I really don’t know what to do.

A quick question to straight people… If you were just friends with a person of the opposite sex would you feel the need to emphasize you’re in a platonic relationship?

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Maybe he doesn’t want to be friends. Maybe he’s just being kind?


I guess it could be. He’s young and just finishing his college degree. I know my psychiatric clinic doesn’t pay much because they are a charitable not-for-profit organization.

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No. My platonic guy friends and I know we’re just friends. We know there’s no attraction.

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Thanks @Pandy 1515

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I haven’t told a single person my case manager is bi while I’m gay, except for on this forum.

I just texted him and said a bi woman friend of mine said he was a nice guy, and I thought so too.

A deity is probably blessing me, but I’m going to ask him to be the beneficiary on my checking account. He would have to trust me with his date of birth.

I just asked my sister, and she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She keeps putting me down with how little money I have, it isn’t worth naming a beneficiary. I would just feel better if my affairs were dealt with after I die. I don’t like leaving an abandoned checking account and such.

I just emailed my case manager’s boss and told her what an excellent case manager he is, and that he goes above and beyond the call of duty. I also said I would definitely recommend him for a raise.

My caseworker likes to sit about a mile away from me.which is fine by me.

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Thanks @roxanna

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My case manager is taking two classes at college now, and his final exams are December 6th through the 10th. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist on the 7th, but I am going to reschedule it because of his final exams. It’s really not that critical that I see someone about my arthritis.

I personally wouldn’t feel happy taking their money. Thats just me though. Not judging you either way.

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My bank says the beneficiary has to be a person, not an organization or trust. I would like my money to go to the Compassion Center which feeds and helps the homeless, lost, and people with substance abuse problems. My case manager could donate money to them.

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