My caplyta story so far

I’m sorry I haven’t been on here lately, I just have been really busy with work, losing weight, and beating a addiction. But this is not the topic of my post today, however, it will come into play.

Caplyta has been helping a lot. I hardly worry about my positive symptoms and my negative symptoms have been greatly reduced. I have even been able to show my jocular self on occasion.

My inaugural month showed great improvement on almost ever symptom. But then we ran into a unforseen issue, and that was the insurance company didn’t want to cover it because it was too new of a medication. So I went back on 4mg of risperdal for about a month, before we could get it worked out. I am now on caplyta again, and decreasing my risperdal dosage, to which I am on 1mg.

And the best, most gracious part is that I’ve been losing weight with dieting and working out, but that was not very possible on 4mg of risperdal.

Overall, I am extremely happy with lumateperone so far. Still, I have a lot of issues elsewhere that I need to get fixed. Have a good one everyone, I hope I can get on here more often.


ive read about that new drug on the net…is it good for negative symptoms AND positive

the read up on the net says so but i dont know if it is the pharma comapny hypeing it up…

john …keep us posted on how you do

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Good job man glad to hear it’s working. Never heard of that med before. I’m on abilify myself

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Btw welcome back bro I remember you from before I left the forum for a while too

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Amazing story. :slight_smile:

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Have you ever tried Abilify?

Can you please tell me what other medications for schizophrenia you’ve been on before starting caplyta .

If you can it would be a great help.

That’s great your doing well

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Abilify- it was my first, and while I did show remarkable improvement, it still wasn’t the right med.

Risperdal- this one was the best before caplyta, but due to some side effects, I’m switching.

Vraylar- I tried this one last spring, and needless to say, it didn’t work and I almost broke completely again.

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Good for you @John_Raven!

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