My Canadian friends - do you like darts? 🎯

One of the best players in history was john part -a Canadian.


I like darts .do u like it jimbob…

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I like darts but don’t have a dart board

I used to be very good at darts, but haven’t had my own board since forever. Also kind of gave that up when I quit drinking. You may say that I’ve gone to the adult version of it. I am very proficient at target archery and own a couple of Olympic target archery recurve bows, a couple of barebows, a longbow, and a compound bow. I shoot several times per week.

I’ve rarely played darts but when I have it was fun.

i use to have one in my bedroom wall, i nicked the darts lol

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I don’t like games in which everything happen in just some seconds or less and then after you can’t do nothing. Like bowling, pool, dart.

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I used to play darts. Didn’t play it much.

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