My budget is like a sponge

we just got a lot of money for Christmas yesterday and now after buying and paying for everything to catch up we have 39 dollars left…thank goodness…because our new pup made us run out of dog food early in the month…so we’re broke basically…haha…it just blows me away how much we need to get by. we are alllll caught up though…so I’m still very happy.


I have no idea what caught up is. We are drowning. Our electric bill is so ridiculous that I don’t know what we’re going to do. Food is so expensive now and we’re also helping my daughter and her boyfriend with groceries. We ran out of cat food this morning.

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oh no…makes me sad I mentioned it now…I didn’t mean to belittle your situation…what about the basement and running water right now too? @ZombieMombie

The system for financial support of the poor is complex and cumbersome here in the USA; I know.

Fixed it for you.

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No running water yet.

Thanks to my breakdowns a few years ago and then getting on APs, my negatives were horrendous. I was apathetic and let my house get bad. So I am panic cleaning so I won’t be ashamed to let the repairman in,because when he fixed the basement pipe and turned the water back on the water in the shower and kitchen sink blew

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do you have access to water somewhere? a neighbor perhaps?

We have bottled water and I have 8 gallon jugs I filled at the library earlier.


Well benefits are going up 10% with inflation in April here in the UK so I’ll be £140 a 4/week month better off. Also most people on benefits are getting £900 cost of living payment before spring so that will also help.

My share of the gas/electic bill has gone up more than double. For a large 4 bedroom Victorian town house we all pay £236 a month. So 4 people in the group home is £236 x 4 = £944 a month.

So we pay £944 a month for gas/electic/water/landline phone/full TV package/super fast internet.

But I personal only pay £236 a month.

We never turn the heating off in winter. plus we have the washing machines on all the time.


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