My brothers say I am a looser bcz I am on this forum

My brothers found out that I am here by looking at my cellphone without my permission.

They told me don’t talk with loosers or you will become one. They told me to talk to normal people not crazy ppl.
I know they’re wrong, it doesn’t matter who I talk to, ppl won’t magically heal me. I need meds to heal.

I like passing time here just like my tech forums.
I will stay here.


That is horrible. Don’t listen to them. :chicken::chicken::chicken:

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We are not losers just because we are ill.


Tell your brothers that this forum is where the cool people hang out, which is why you are on the forum and your brothers are not. :sunglasses:


I know I have SZ too, when they get mad they tell me shoot yourself in the head.

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Your brothers sound uneducated. Let them know that.


I want to move out but I can’t take care of myself.
I told my parents to put my brothers out, they said they’re young. Sometimes they push and hit me telling me you have to fight in life.

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I second what @Air said.

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My parents are nicer to me than my brothers.


I’m glad I have a sister

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Yea sisters are less annoying than brothers.

My son always made fun of me for having sza. That is until he got it. Then, he changed his tune.

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Maybe put a password on your phone?


I have but he looked from my back while I was browsing the forum. He surprised me.

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Talk to whoever makes you happy. That’s your zone.

Push yourself if you want but it’s up to your determination. This is a support forum after all, and the ultimate goal is for people here to normalize and grow.


Tell your brother there are some people on here more successful then them


We have quite a few successful people here lol. Not a lot, but some people are happy here too.

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Definitely put a password on your phone.
I would try and put their comment to one side. If you find it helpful being here, it doesn’t really matter what your brothers say. They probably don’t know what schizophrenia is like anyway.

I have a pw but sometimes they come by surprise from my back while I am browsing the forum on my cellphone or PC. They also told me to stop taking pictures of my food and cloths.

Same thing though. You can take photos of whatever you want. Not for them to decide what you do. Are they quite young? They sound immature.