My brother's a jerk

A friend of mine who I’ve known since I was 9 years old is also friends with my brother. This friend is sza and has aspergers. He has some problems but I love him more than my real brother.

I haven’t talked to my family in over 7 months because of a dispute between us. My brother threatened our friend to stop talking to me. He scared our friend so bad he got a gun to protect himself. I feel terrible for causing this on my dear friend

You said your inlaws kept you from talking to your family.

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They caused the fight that initially broke out I wanted to apologize I messaged them using my safelink phone my mom said not to text or call her ever again

That’s all very sad.

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Sorry let me explain. My mother in law caused my mother to get upset with me. I tried to make things right but my mother in law blocked my family’s number.

I tried a week ago to talk to my mother on Facebook but she said to not talk to her she washes her hands of me

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