My brother shuts me out completely when it comes to conversation

he wont talk to me in any way conversationally other than small talk…he shuts me out as regards old friends as I used to get angry…but I no longer get angry but still he shuts me out…wont talk to me

what should I do


I am an only child.
According to my parents they had trouble having children.
So things might have turned out differently.
My favorite country is Switzerland.


Do you love him?

I love Switzerland tobacco,

I dont think there is anything you can do about it.

Sometimes family members feel closer to one member than another. That migjt sting a bit.

It may or may not be you or your illness if that is what your wondering.

You may also consider some people just dont like deep or emotional conversations, no matter who they are talking to.


He may be afraid it may trigger you.

I would ask him. Listen to his concerns.

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