My brother is thinking of buying a summer home, and my sister is going to be moving away, meanwhile, im stuck here, poor people problems

both my brother and sister did very well for themselves. my brother wants a summer home when he retires. and my sister is going to be moving back to arizona when her kids graduate high school in 3 years. that’s the tentative plan according to my brother in law who i spoke to last week. i want to move too, but im stuck here, as im too poor to move. so my world becomes even colder, as now i will just have mom and dad around with my sister gone.

my brother moves somewhere new every 5 years it seems, so we will see where he ends up. he mentioned california and idaho and colorado when we were talking.

I know it is hard to do, but try not to compare your life with others. Instead appreciate what you have in your life like a tranquil life, a family that loves you and a home to live in. Think about how you want to spend your days of peace and think often that ‘the grind’ is a monotonous cycle of getting up early to work for a master.

Think of ways to improve your life that are within your limitations and then expand on them.

If you want to get away, remember you always take yourself with you. Improve your mood and self worth. Look to now and not the illusion of the future.


Me and my wife are hoping to make it with crypto, we’re holding for long run and hoping it pays off


We want to move to the island

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All I’ll have in my life for the future is my brother and a few aunts and cousins.

Hopefully my brother will marry his girlfriend soon because she is so nice to me and supportive!

She is a therapist and has a brother with a severe mental illness.

She really understands!


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