My brother is depressed

My brother keeps telling us that he is depressed and that he finds no value in life. He doesn’t know what he can do to improve his life. He believes he has no future. I told him that counseling or going to the pdoc can help. He got really mad at me and started yelling at me to shut up. He said he thinks psychiatrists are pieces of ■■■■ and kept swearing. I tried to tell him that there are good ones but he got even more mad. He told me that the one he saw was terrible and he regrets going there. I honestly don’t know what to do. Most of all, I don’t want him to have psychosis and/or depression like me. What do I do? I am honestly worried about him.


Is there anyone else involved like parent
He should talk with someone i think

Maybe a GP might be a better place to start - they can treat depression without the need for a pdoc in a lot of places


The only things that helped me with my depression were exercising and antidepressants. I would recommend a combo of both,

The system here doesn’t work that way. If you have depression, you go directly to a pdoc. The thing is, he is terrified of pdocs…

That’s a shame :confused:

just be there to support him

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I’m honestly worried. I don’t know why he is afraid of pdocs. I’m trying to convince him that there are good ones out there too

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