My brother is a dick

Here is what my ■■■■■■■ brother says to me today.

“Somebody ate my cereal and im going to freak out about it.” He says it to me sarcastically as in i do that and it’s stupid of me to do so.

I have been on rediculous amounts of disability for thirteen years now and cannot afford to help out alot of the time. Id be perfectly willing to give if i had anything to give you know.

He on the other hand works a very easy ■■■■■■■ job and makes about four grand doing it, four grand a month doing it.

And he accuses me of being selfish and greedy for not sharing.

P.S. I give more to people than him even still.

And the only person getting help in this entire goddamn family is my hideous hag mother to.

Im sitting there literally rotting in front of them with nothing, and i mean nothing the whole time and she is the only one they help with anything ever.

He even barked at me that he helps alot with money, no my little small minded friend who is great at memorizing useless facts you don’t, you help the ones who don’t even need it.

Seriously, my entire family is just one large stinking piece of ■■■■ and i hate them all.

Why does he still live with you?