My brother in law resents me for receiving social welfare

he thinks he is supporting me through his taxes…he resents me alot…bad mouths me and never talks to me other than a frosty hello when we have to meet at family gatherings…not a word beyond that

yeah and now i hear he bad mouths me about me receiving 200 euros a week off the government to support me while i put up with this extremely difficult illness…he thinks he is suppporting me…we never talk due to his very judgemental attitude

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You seem to worry about him a lot. Just ignore him. The more you ignore people like that, eventually they shut up and go away.


yeah i know @anon4362788 …its just he gets on my nerves…he called by my house today as his wife (my sister) had a mothers day gift for my mom (i live with my parents)…i know i wish i could just put him totally out of my life but thats not possible as it would create more tension between other members of our family and i would be perceived as very anti-social…my parents dont want that…as you can imagine christmas day is the worst as thats a day i have to put up with him for a few hours!


The goverment of Ireland increased there wages again

That is worse than social welfare clients

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You can’t please everyone.

In the UK I get Personal Independence payment, and I told no one but my parents.

It’s not anyone else’s business.

I get by and it helps me financially as I am not always able to work all the time as I burnout so fast


As long as your sister doesn’t also hold that view of you then I wouldn’t worry so much.
He’s just an in-law.

But I do realize he’s also your sisters husband.

I would ignore him the best you can.


Those supports are there for those who need them and there should be no guilt for using them. I relied on them early on as well, glad they were they for me, also glad I can make sure they’re there for the next people who also can’t work.


My sister resents me too because I on disability benefits, she’s with the horsey crowd when when they ask her what her brother does she’s embarrassed to tell them I’m on benefits. I spoke to her about it last year, asked her what would she prefer me on benefits or on the streets.


@karl I know people who think like that also. Everything is personal, they act like they’re the only one that pays taxes. Very short-sighted


I’m so sorry to hear this. If I were you, I would ignore him. If you can, don’t allow him in your house at all. Don’t go where he goes.

If you can’t do that, just ignore him. Avoid him. Don’t sit or stand next to him. Don’t talk to him. Don’t let your eyes meet. That’s what I would do anyway.


I’m sorry, but someone had to say it… Your brother-in-law is a ■■■■■■■ dick


I’m on disability and no one says anything about it but I worked for years anyway


Sorry everyone and OP for that ridiculous text I just wrote. I regret it already.

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Looking forward to getting off soon and working part time. I have to make at least that much for food and rent. I don’t judge people at all for it. I actually think people who get SSDI deserve it, while I’m on SSI and just got it because of my disability and being an American here. Over the years, I realized it’s nice especially for the first ten years. It changes people. Not something to gloat or be proud of being on, but it keeps some people from being homeless or worse. I thought about paying it all back plus some some day but then it dawned on me, they gave me schizophrenia, so it’s the least I should get. I mean I sometimes feel really bad and feel like this is some sort of fascist bullcrap.

I have an entitled feeling towards my dad who worked 30+ years at the same job and he tells me he earned it and my step dad who tells me it’s a choice – the disability and not doing anything. My mom wants me to be safe as well as my dad. So not being homeless or worse. Basically have a place to stay with some food. The rest is extra or not given or expected…

After 10 years of pure suffering from schizophrenia and DP/DR, I have come to a point where I think I can work part time 20+ hours a week at min wage which is 13 an hour here maybe 14 depending on the company. That’s about the same as SSI but I have to figure out insurance and pay for my meds that keep me sane…

I had a nice life once and it all came tumbling down. I often feel teary eyed and feel like crying but meds cause me to not cry and I just feel really sad and emotional when I bring up past life memories which seem real…

Part of me (some days) makes me think or question or believe I created Bitcoin so I already paid my dues but it’s probably not true. Maybe I think something and then convince myself or believe it. I don’t know. Something isn’t just right. When I dream, I remember programming it in another dimension/parallel universe under some sort of alien mind control…

The money isn’t mine and I don’t want it. It should go to the government. But I want to be left alone with my thoughts.

Getting schizophrenia at 22/23 years old in 2011 gave me 100x more empathy and compassion and sympathy for others. Perhaps, I was a narcissist or something before. Now, I am not. Something changed me and I did a 180 in life. I realized I took life for granted and had it all and was lucky before I lost it all and became disabled.


@ThePickinSkunk I’d love to watch you tear him a new one LOL

I have to listen to lies from people like that all the time. I resent the fact that crooked people mostly, made me poor. I think that if people were able to do things legally, I would have had plenty of money to live on, and they wouldn’t have to worry about where peoples money comes from. I think lying crooked people interfere in people’s lives, just to turn them into slaves and then complain about the health problems they cause.

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yea like others said, don’t pay too much attention to him… he is not worth it.
I’m on disability too but nobody has ever said something about that to me… must suck if they make you feel bad about being on it =(

One of my brothers called ppl on disability and me social parasites. Like living on other’s taxes and not giving back.

That brother is an ass though, always makes trouble in our house. Sometimes I fight with him punching each other in the face.

My other brother is much better and he’s the youngest. Age doesn’t mean maturity.