My brother in law has contempt for me

he treats me bad, and is very judgemental of me,

he bad mouths me behind my back and never acknowledges me…he is frosty… when in his company (at family gatherings) he justsays hello and never talks to me…zero conversation

what should I do?

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Zero Conversation. Sounds like half my relatives.

You can’t do anything I’m afraid until he comes around.

I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. Some people can just be assholes, and there is no need to let that get you down.

I repay people with the same treatment when they do that to me.



Sorry sounds harsh but cut him out of your life and change your number. I did that to my family a while back - cos it was all negative for me like that. Bin him and move on. You’ll feel better in the long run.

I don’t think there’s anything you can really do about other people’s behavior. People suck sometimes, that kind of sums it up.

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