My breakfast menu

In the morning I make dark roast coffee in my coffee maker, 1 fried egg, 1 fried banana slices, and an orange with blackberries and blueberries. What do you usually eat for breakfast?


Ooo that sounds great and nutritious! I have green tea (either genmaicha or sencha), an over easy egg, a piece of sausage, and then either a slice of mom’s homemade wheat bread with fruit preserves or a waffle with a drizzle of vanilla maple syrup.


I heard that in Vietnam they have egg coffee. Its raw eggs and condensed milk mixed with coffee in a mixer. I wonder if it tastes good.

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sometime around 9 I have either a smoothie with banana, berries, vanilla yogurt and orange juice or 3
Milton’s crackers with soft cheese and orange juice, or an egg with spinach and swiss cheese on a whole wheat english muffin.


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