My brain takes a lot of punishment

so yeah, as if sz wasnt bad enough i’ve been on meds for years which kind of alter my perception and give me side effects, then there is withdrawal symptoms and then i goes and has a few beers on top of all of that :confused:

so yeah, i also had a bad dream last night too

poor brain

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My saying has pretty much been, my brain is trying to kill me.

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im srry dreamer, roxan what you mean your brain is tryin to kill you? ive had weird dreams…but I think of it a certain way.

Yeah my brain has been through the deep fryer as well. Doesn’t work quite as well as it used to and there’s all sorts of glitches now.

Yeah my right hemisphere feels like it’s been zapped with a microwave for the past 7 years

By making me think suicidal thoughts.

A functional brain is as precious as lives to people with schizophrenia.