My brain needs constant stimulation

Either that or it’s just very obsessive. I noticed this because if I don’t have something to fixate on I tend to fixate on delusions instead and get deeper and deeper into them.

One way I’ve been keeping delusional thoughts/psychosis at bay recently is by teaching myself 日本語 (Japanese). It’s something I can obsessively dig into and spend all my extra time doing. Apparently learning a new language is also very good for improving/protecting cognition as well.

If I don’t keep my brain busy it keeps itself busy.


I as well. Last night I was had nothing to do the first time in a long time it made me very depressed.


Have you thought about taking the Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken ? (Japanese Proficiency Test)
I passed the most basic level 10 years ago, then tried for the next one but failed miserably :confounded:

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What is it for?

I’m only a beginner at Japanese. I probably have the vocabulary of a pre-schooler/kindergartner and only know first grade kanji and a handful of other common ones.

How many languages can you pass by in?

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LOL you mean how many languages I speak?
Actually, only three. My native Romanian, and foreign French and English. Japanese was an infatuation but it passed quickly after I realized I could never memorize thousands of kanji…


Yes I am having the same struggle with kanji. But to me it is like a challenge…I learned it’s impossible to try to learn kanji by just trying to memorize them all and their different readings, you have to just be exposed to them and learn them that way, just like how it would take you forever if you wanted to learn every different way certain English words were read if you weren’t exposed to it like read and read and red or though and thought etc.

So I’m downloading readings and getting children’s books I Japanese to read and expand my vocab that way, which is more natural and how I expanded my English vocabulary as a child as well.

My first language is English. I used to know Spanish pretty well because I took it for a decade, but am pretty rusty now because I just never use it. I really want to know Japanese because I love anime, manga and many Japanese videogames and so many of them are never translated into English and thus are unavailable to me. I am exposed to Japanese in my life way more than I was ever exposed to Spanish, which is odd but that’s how it is.


Ganbatte ne !!!




That’s pretty decent 3 (certainly is by British standards at least). Had a flatmate once who was Romanian/Moldovan who was fluent in 6 languages I think, made me pretty jealous

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do itashi mashite.

Chinese character and Japanese kanji can have different meaning even they are same word.
But some are similar.
Chinese 介绍
Japanese 绍介
(The writing of kanji might also be different than its Chinese counterpart for an identical character)

I notice a funny pronunciation by Japanese speaker who was giving speech in Chinese.
When he said 失(literally means “lost”), his pronunciation was that of Japanese shi (shee), not the shi of Chinese.

I am going for programming instead to keep my mind occupied.

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It is bad because it needs the stimulation of trivial things but it can’t tolerate more important things…