My brain is swollen

And it doesn’t fit in my skull.
This is how it feels

Unbury the pigeon
Unbury the shoes
Unbury your fingernails
Unbury your fingers

brain inflamation is very real, lots of things you can do to reduce it. I would say go with your gut, you may be right on this one

You really think it’s inflammation?

could well be. Ive thought my brain was swollen before. could have to do with your gut…gut - brain connection is big right now in terms of SZ research…some kind of dietary issue causing you gut to be unhealthy and your brain being impacted

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They say that guts are the second brain.

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Clozapine feels like I forget breathing from time to time because of CNS depression. Since a few days I get images of my brain turning blue and purple while I am sure it is healthy as can be.

What do you mean by these colors? You imagine your brain? I sometimes see all things as blue or yellow

Blue, purple, yellow, red, green, black, white.

All I know is yellow is urine and black is stool.

Go figure.

This side effect (your brain feels like not fit in your skull) is very common at the begining of injections.i had similar feelings when i start to have to give some time to yourself for pass away these side wishes.

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I imagine my brain, in my head, purple and blue as if it is suffocating, not getting enough oxygen.


Drinking too much water causes low blood sodium, which can cause swelling of the brain.

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So it’s really swelling, or it’s a delusion-like impression?

It’s possible that it’s swelling. Do you drink several litres of water daily and urinate a lot?

No, not too much.

Your brain is not swelling. A common question doing clinical trials is if your stomach or brain is changing shape. It’s a common symptom.
You’re fine. I tend to think of your brain was actually changing shape or swelling, the symptoms would be quite drastic and more somatic in nature. You would probably get very ill and not in a psychiatric way.


Maybe its a delusion, Om… I also have some weird sensations with my brain, but when I said it to my doc, she just raised my ap :smiley:

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Haha, Anna I hope it’s due to schizophrenia and not anything physical

You ever get a brain scan or EEG?

I used to get this too. It felt like pressure against my skull or something.
I have no clue what caused it.

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