My brain is self-medicating

What the heck. Sorry for posting while I have another post going but this is totally unrelated to that one. Ok so example of how things go totally wonky for me in 0 time at all;

Chain of events: I am heading to class. I didn’t feel like putting contacts in so I was going to use my glasses. Couldn’t find glasses. Anywhere. Went to car to look for glasses, no glasses. Went back to room. Still no glasses. Have to frantically put in contacts, can’t even wash hands first. Meltdown mode by this point. Furious. Cursing out anything I can think of. (Guilt because I don’t like cursing and rarely do) On verge of tears. Getting highly overwhelmed and fighting urge to tear at myself.

Get contacts in, go to class. Get to class. INSTANT FUZZ BRAIN. I mean w a t. It’s like I’m put on drugs on sedatives only I’m not drowsy. My head feels too heavy and I can’t hold onto thoughts and my notes oh geez my notes they look terrible. They aren’t even notes. Thank goodness it was just review today.

I’m still feeling dizzy and out of it. Can’t focus on anything but need to get work done. Are these endorphins? I dunno. It takes away all the overwhelming stuff but it leaves me with the fuzz brain.

We were talking about reproductive stuff in class and I just wanted to leave because it was making me think about this angel. Now I’m better than I was but I still feel funny. What is going on?? Some weird science.

my mind does wierd rubbish all the time, it is normal.
muggles have bad days too…they get bad tempered, fuzzy brains, tired, irritable…stressed…again it is normal.
take a deep breath.
know someone cares
take care :alien:


Oh I’m fine now that my brain’s done this weird loopy thing. When I’m like this I don’t really feel much of anything at all. Just sort of pleasantly distant. Just wanted to share the weird phenomenon.

You’re always very kind sith I’m sending good karma your way :wink:

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When my mind does out of the ordinary things, it’s because I missed taking one of my meds.

I was so close to getting medication to help me until my pdoc randomly decided I should see someone closer to me before I start them. Ah well.

For now my brain is providing meds! The weirdness is gone now though. Usually it only lasts like 2-3 hours.

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Nice how am I supposed to study this. I think I wrote down like 5 things total from that lecture. Better than nothing I guess… I wish I could just hire someone else to take notes for me when I’m out of it haha.

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Keep at it. Your gonna make it.

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It sounds like the stress jolt put you in a mild shock. I can only guess how angry your still are that the doc who passed the buck.

I hope you find someone soon, and someone you trust.

I hope you feel better soon, and please know, your not the only one.

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