My brain is my worst enemy

I was at a small party with about 10 people. My friend’s birthday party. While we sa at the table I realized there were many creative and talented people there. My mind instantly started to spin off. Voices told me I am among other superior people. That I was among others like me. The voices tried to amp up my grandiose thinking and feelings. This was a secret society of superior people.

Then later they started to mock me for my presents. The voices, not the people. That I had too simple presents. But I did not have too much cash and had to buy something.

I hate it when that happens. My brain is my worst enemy.

I got her a toy she could use to play with her cat and flowers.

Sounds like nice presents. :sunny:


u bought nice presents.


Very nice presents. All of our minds are our own worst enemies.


Yeah, those are good presents. I don’t know your financial situation but your friend would understand if you don’t have a lot of extra money. When I go to the occasional birthday party or at Christmas with my family they all know I don’t have a lot of money. I want to buy expensive gifts for people but they always tell me to just limit my spending to a certain amount. They will tell me to spend no more than $10.00 or $15.00 on a gift for example.

Did anybody notice anything was going on with you at the party? If no one noticed then that is at least one positive thing.

I don’t think anyone noticed, maybe they noticed me spacing out. My friend has sz. I think she told them I have sz too. Or maybe that is good old paranoia. I try to blend in among normal people.

I fought my voices. I did not let them take control. I’m in control. That is a good thing.


I LOOOOVE driving mine crazier than I am. They screw with me, I screw with them. They’re MY prisoners, not the other way around. Should’ve never set foot in my damn brain.