My boyfriend's parents tried to kill me and get me locked up in prison

They seemed like kind caring people but the four years that they let me live with them they were putting chemicals in my underwear to make me miscarry. They put cleaning chemicals in my coffee that I took to work with me. Someone contaminated my clothing with carbon monoxide. My boyfriend’s dad tried to break the tie rod on my vehicle. And someone put pesticide spray on my driver seat, on my underwear and bras and all over my jeans and t-shirts and it made me very sick. No one believes me about what I have been through, so I am done with therapy because it’s too painful to talk about anymore.

I believe you have been through a ■■■■ time, and you need the support of those around you.

I do think you should reconsider some of the things that happened, because I think you might be wrong about some of them. For example, I have never heard of Carbon Monoxide being used on clothing. Carbon Monoxide is a gas so it would float away. Also it is possible you were just allergic to the washing powder, because a lot of people suffer from this.

Also thank you for posting, because if you are finding it hard to talk about with a therapist then I imagine it must also be difficult to discuss things here on the forum.


I used to think they were messing with a lot of my stuff, it can be very confusing and anything that may be done by others will be more clear if you take your meds


my mom tried to kill me, when I was a kid

It is possible that you are reading into a few things and they are triggering you. Have you tried asking your boyfriend if these sound like delusional thoughts? He might have a more grounded perspective at this moment, and he knows his family.


I’ve thought people were putting antipsychotic medication in my food before. It’s an unpleasant way to think.

I thought my ex put poison in the hand lotion and that she tried to kill me with that. The poison would go through the skin and kill me very slowly. I threw away every single bottle of hand lotion I had. It is very painfull to think in that way. Meds help to get those delusions under control so you can better determine what is real what is not. Please talk to your psychiatrist about these beliefs that you have. You should really try and get help else you’ll end up in emotional agony about this.