My boyfriend wants to move out together

I’ll never be able to poop and I’ll have to shower every day. Anyone live with their SO or a room mate? What’s it like :smile:

A good friend/roommate/s.o. wouldn’t care about either of those things tbh

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It’s not that he’d care, I have poopy stage fright :joy: i can’t go with people in house. We’ve been together 5 years so he’s aware of my showering habits but I dont want to stink up his house.

But do you want to move in with him? If you really do, those things become secondary, you’ll get used to living with another person.


I do because spending all my time with him is my favourite activity. I don’t financially.

Well, you have to decide this with him :slight_smile: Good luck in whatever you decide

There’s a moment, after living with your so, when all of a sudden you don’t care about personal habits being personal. It is unexpected, then suddenly you might be pooping with the door open and you make eye contact. Then life just keeps going.


I was soaking in the tub one time and a GF came home and ran into the bathroom and had to go, I said you can’t go while I’m in the tub, she said can’t wait, then fell in the toilet cause the seat was up, I had a really good laugh, so it can be fun!!!


You’ll get over you “pooping stage fright” fairly quickly. I used to dislike using public restrooms but found myself forced to use them. Now it’s second nature and generally doesn’t bother me. The exceptions being fast food restaurants and gas stations, which I’ll only use the urinals in because they’re so disgusting.


I had a bf, we weren’t living together, but he used to run the water while he used the bathroom so I couldn’t hear him.

You get a scented room candle or febreeze spray for the bathroom for after pooping. Or leave the window open afterward to air out the room.

We’ve been together 5-6 years and are not at the open-door policy stage even when the other is showering. Although he came close one time when I wouldn’t get out of the shower fast enough. When you are sharing a bed together it tends to get stinky really quickly if either of you isn’t showering every day. So be prepared to do bedsheet laundry more often if you aren’t showering. One of my biggest gripes is towels… . We just don’t have room for linens as we only have a few closets and drawers. And no room for a hamper for dirty towels and linens.

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When I first moved in with my boyfriend, I was worried about the same things. But I now shower more often than I used to, because we usually shower together. I brush and floss my teeth every night because he is right next to me doing it also. And we both stink up the bathroom sometimes, so we just learned to not be bothered by it. Scented candles help a lot in that respect.

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Maybe try staying over at his place for a week or two to see how it goes? Then make a decision if you feel ready to make that a more permanent move?

The poopin thread…remember everybody everybody, everybody poops…


We do stay together almost every night, but have a week off when he’s on night shift. He’s even aware I can’t poop when he’s around haha, its not just him it’s anyone at all. I’ll have to start inviting friends around and pooping while they’re here to ease myself into it :joy::joy::joy:

We always need a pooping thread. One of my friends has a 7 year old daughter who literally refuses to poop. She won’t go. She ends up in hospital once a week to get everything flushed out and is super sick all the time. She goes to a psych because she claims to be genuinely terrified of pooping.

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a good roommate is imperative. my mom always urges me to share a room with my brother, but he always likes to listen to loud music.

when I was younger, I remember my mom would use the bathroom without closing the bathroom door…

and people wonder why I have sz…

I’m not too sure about that. I remember, one time, I was in the psych ward and I didn’t eat or drink anything except mostly milk; because I was paranoid… that’s all I can say without getting ackward…

just a warning for everyone: don’t read this thread while eating

Does anyone else have poop :poop:so long they don’t flush?

Just keep a book of matches in the bathroom, a match lit will kill most of all odors from pooping.


I might be paranoid, but I’ve seen a lot of movies where: fart +lit match = explosion

proceed with caution

flamethrower perhaps?

Look for a thunder pants trailer on YouTube :wink:

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