My boss was confused when I said

In the interview he asked me if I’ve ever delivered pizzas and I said awkwardly “Yeah one night it didn’t work out. But it wasn’t anything I did but me and the manager didn’t have a good chemistry”. He looked at me confused and I said “it was a long time ago”. And he kind of accepted it and hired me reluctantly a bit thinking I may have an attitude problem. When I had the first pizza delivery job I was 22 and the manager was 21 and a punk!!! So we clashed because I was having delusions. The vibe I get in my jobs restaurant now is much better. Nice guys in the kitchen. Some seem a bit irritated but they’re still way more chill than other food industry jobs I’ve had so far.

When the owner talked to me later he seemed very pleased with me. “You’re doing good!! Do you like delivering pizzas??” I said “yes!” And he said ok well here’s your schedule.


I did not even have a formal interview at my job. He basically asked me a few questions about my situation and then hired me.

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A basic rule of thumb when in an interview is never bad-mouth a former boss. The guy interviewing you will side with the boss and he will assume that if you talk bad about your old boss, then you will talk bad about him. It will make the interviewer defensive and you don’t want to do that for obvious reasons.

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