My book is opening doors for me

I gave my book to the family owned dispensary I frequent and when I went in today she was there who I gave the book to and she was just like “you ought to put your name on this book !” “this is one of the best books I’ve ever read”…stuff like that…anyways…she called her husband in to meet me again and he was like “she really likes that book !” I said, “yes, I am flattered.” he left and she said, “I know how poor you are because you hardly ever buy any marijuana so if you are ever in need and don’t have any money just come by and we will hook you up.” !! I probably because of pride will never take advantage of her offer but I was so blown away…merry Christmas !!


Wow! That’s so nice of them!

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I know isn’t that nice?? I feel blessed.

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That’s cool! Staying on topic is that in modern times(like the past 20 years) I can’t get the high from this ‘contraband’[THC} via the most well known route, and edibles I know nothing about… except that you can overdo them easily.

I cough and cough whenever I would try to feel something - it’s just an oddity because I smoke cigs like they are going out of style. Disclaimer: I know it’s not healthful for us, I live in NJ and won’t be partaking, I’ve never felt at home with it…

Going off course though for your thread: is I was wondering about how your brother is making out? I caught a couple posts from you today and you seem very upbeat. I hope that means something with respect to your bro!!


@anon64158233 well he is still in induced coma in i c u but he continues to get better the doctors say every day so I am hopeful they will take him off induced coma soon so he can see again…


That is good to hear! I’m closest with my bro, I even explicitly told him once that he is ‘phoebe’ to my ‘Holden’ but that makes it about me more a behavior that feels hard to escape…

In other news: Do you ever wrestle with throwing your name on your book? I can only write in ‘fits and starts’ but if I had a book I’d probably be one to attach my name to it.

How do I order it, and maintain discretion for everyone involved?

the book is called “OUT OF IT - an autobiography on the experience of schizophrenia” anonymous…at the time I self published I thought the book was going to be highly successful which turned out wrong but I thought it would cause me anxiety to have my name on the book and it’s too late to put my name on it now…anyways…the book is sold on amazon just put in “out of it” in the search window and the book will pop up.

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@jukebox you know better than to post about pot in anything but recovery oriented ways.