My book is finally out


Some of you expressed an interest in reading my newly published memoir called “Treasures from Darkness” Amazon now has it (although they only have two left in stock but will receive more very soon) Here is the link:[enter link description here]

I would be interested to hear your reactions to it. Please share here or in a review on Amazon.
The book is also available on Barnes and Noble.


I can’t see your link to amazon…send to

Cheers at a great success!!


congratulations !!!




Link to my book on Amazon

I hope this works




Wow congratulations, some achievement! Seems like a very interesting read


glad your hard work paid off locamotion…do you anticipate large sales? did you find a publisher or did you self publish?



Great work! I hope you find a large readership for it.


I had two publishers who wanted the book, however they wanted to make changes that I felt were damaging to the book…so I told them I was not interested. Then a lady from my church who had been reading my blog called me and told me she wanted to pay for publishing m y book! This was amazing as I never could have afforded it on my own.
I do not really anticipate large sales. So far it’s really just been people i know…friends family, and online contacts who have purchased it (I THINK—I have no idea who has purchased on Amazon…it takes a while for those facts to come in)


Congratulations on publishing your autobiography, locamotion. This is hard work and an achievement.


Amazon tells an author the names of people who buy their books?



i addmet you work hard on this one…con grads.


no , not their names. Just a tally of how many books have been sold


Thank you Zen! And thanks for the artwork!


Congratulations! You’ve done something that a lot of people want to do but aren’t able to do.