My body weight

i feel i been tortured by obesity

when i lose weight i feel good

then i my body increase again

i been like that for uncountable times

it seem like TORTURE !!!

i begin to believe i never reach agreeable weight

even some ppl mock my body weight …you seem like you never do a diet !!!

these days i was with a doctor nd this is the best result i get!!!

i begin to eat with no thinking …not allowed to think …just eat !!!


I gained 170lb since sz and being on meds. I think in my case its low dopamine as dopamine blocks hunger.


“Dopamine and serotonin also have opposite effects on appetite. While serotonin suppresses it, low levels of dopamine can stimulate hunger .”

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pls i need help i dont need-sorry- frustration


You would probably benefit from speaking with a therapist about this. If you feel emotions with food, it can be very difficult to deal with, as eating is a continuous basic need. Try to not feel emotions with eating, but think of it as just fuel for your body.

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Try to wait for newer medicine like taar1 agonists like ulotaront,6 months average weight gain is -0.3kg, 5.2% lost weight on it


I’m trying not to weigh myself as muscle weighs more than fat.

I want to lose some weight without eating less.

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The guilt and the shame some people have over their weight is crushing. Many of them do not feel good about themselves. As I get older I have left a lot of that behind, but I still don’t want to take my shirt off around people.

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