My body is rejecting all of this beer

Today I would like to quit. Just for today.

And then work on tomorrow.

I am physically sick from drinking too much. And my body, that has always been used to good foods, exercise and soothing teas, is now telling me, enough.

I hear my body. I understand this.

Please God, help me to quit.

aww @Daze I hear you. We can quit together. me with cigs and you with alcohol? This is day One for me and that’s the toughest day. I’m sorry you are physically ill. I hate hangovers. Feel for you, really. I will pray for you that you can stay off the alcohol.

thanks, Jukebox, it’s just a condition I have now with syncope, it just doesn’t work to continue to abuse my body. I’m sick all the time,

and I mean, even throwing up. It’s not necessarily a hangover, because I handle beer ok, it’s just the side effects of my condition on top of

trying to self medicate for relief. There’s got to be a better way.

What is syncope? I don’t understand that.? I just think of all the money I spend on cigs and that makes me resolute to stop smoking. I’m sure you spend a lot on beer? maybe that will help? Also my ex sister in law died from drinking too much. Do it for your health and do it for your kids?

Right, I have quitted before, so there is hope.

Syncope is fainting, dizziness, black outs, nausea, vomiting, tingling, low pulse, irritation.

I’ve had mild forms of it all my life, but I’m sure drinking doesn’t help.

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I couldn’t quit booze on my own, I had to go to AA.

Yeah, thanks I may try that.

I like that concept of saying, “I’m one month clean and sober…”


I quit binge drinking but I am not a totally clean individual. I had a cider last night, for example, because I had a really ■■■■■■ up day. I slept like 10 hours and feel the usual morning funk but still better than I had been.

Look at it this way; non prescription drugs long to kill you. Are you willing to die for them?

I quit smoking about a month ago, been on the patch. I was sick of spending a fraction of my days outside smoking.

And I’m not dying for cigarettes.

I’m drinking and smoking like never before, lol. It’s awesome in a retarded kind a way. War is peace, lol

No, I’m not willing to die for them,
but I would for good causes.

you are a lot younger than me,
you don’t have targeting or syncope.

So, yeah, party hearty.

I am? I haven’t? Thats great ■■■■■■■ news! :smiley:

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Curious, what is syncope?

see above in this thread.

Sry. I get a lot of that ■■■■ though :s

also without drinking/druggin’

ok, I thought I read a post of yours that said you were late 20’s, if not, sorry. I don’t mean to assume.

nono I am, 27, I was trying to make a funny, lol. Sry. I’ll leave you “old men” alone, even though I suck up as much wisdom as possible and sry for being a brat :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye. Hmmm. DKASJEIFAVHA. Please caress my kettle… My rusty kettle… Do you want some rusty spoons my friend?

If cute Dr. Scully talking to Dog, yes, I lovely spoons but there’s none