My body after 17 years being in the bed wow

Here how do i look now. I know its time to stop complaining but i am afraid that if i dont get better soon in my head ill really start to look very bad…

no muscles here i guess. I never was sportive because of the illness a bit wow. and my back hurts cause always so paranoid with the others or depressed.
but lets keep going, we should live those lifes :).


Yes, let’s live our lives. You look lovely. Your body lets you experience the world & live your life. Take care ok? :heart:

I understand. I get hard on myself too. I wish I were thinner and had more muscles.
Your body is just perfect! However it looks is how it looks. I look very, very different than before I got sick but this is how I look now. I am still a beautiful person and so are you.

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You definitely don’t look nearly as bad as what you think in your head. You don’t look bad at all, honestly.


You look great! Don’t get so negative on yourself, because you’re beautiful! Stop listening to your mother’s opinion of you.

Thank you lovelies :slight_smile: Yes, its time to love myself and maybe one day i’ll get more active and ill take more care about my body :slight_smile:

You have a flatter stomach than me and I have 27 years of running around while being a menace!!

I think you look nice and that you’re too hard on yourself.

You don’t look bad at all. Stay positive!

You have thin ankles and wrists. I think that’s sexy :slight_smile:
Anyway, some guys love exactly your body shape.
Focus on getting better mentally, later I am sure you can find a partner if you want to :slight_smile:

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