My blue sweater

Today I wore my blue sweater that I have had since the mid of the 1980s. I wore it in Paris in Feb 1988, in Leningrad in 1989, in Finland during my studies in the 1980s, in America in the 1990s and I still have this sweater. Basically I have had it nearly 35 years and it is still good and keeps me warm. Do you have similar clothes that you have been wearing for decades?


I wear the same sweater all the time. Had it since I was in highschool I’m 28 now.

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I am way too fat these days to fit into any of my past clothes.

I threw out almost all my clothes during my first psychosis. I had a delusion that the clothes changed my personality on the basis of which label the clothes were. It went straight in the bin, all good and useful clothes.

I have a lot of clothes almost 20 years old, but they were bought after I had gained some weight.
I wouldn’t fit into anything bought before that.

I havent bought a new jacket in a while. I’ve had it since maybe 2003.

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