My bloodwork came back- "everything's normal"


But I want to see the numbers of my testosterone and estrogen levels. My therapist is getting a fax of the results, he will analyze the ■■■■ out of it with me. I imagine my test is high but not beyond the threshold for abnormally high. I dunno, maybe its just my personality that goes from sleepy to aggressive from day to day and hour to hour.


Hate to make you paranoid, but that could also be an adrenal issue.


Turns out my testosterone is on the low end. 350-1100 is the normal range. Mine is 499. My pdoc said that 70% of men have higher testosterone than I do. Huh. He said test boosters will make my testicles shrink and make me too edgy, so that’s that.


i am happy for you everything is good.
take care


Yea,if things goes well for you,I am glad about it