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I wrote this blog about my experiences when I travelled for 3 years. I was also at home for some time, It isnt finished and Im considering changing the title. take a look if you like.


The effort to populate the new world was a succes…

Nobody really knows how many people live in South America, since there is a need to emphasize their cultural values when they describe why they are succesfull in sports or have a stable economic system. What we know however is taht there are some megacities down there. Try to watch the amssive buidings and cheer size of the city. It must have taken its toll on its population and cost many man hours. See Sao Paolo for your self:
There are so many big buildings but the city isnt bustling with life in the sense that asian cities are. There however a well developed public transport system with busses and trains that make people get around quicker. There definately is a ghost city feel over it, whoch could be explained by its perhaps over ambitious construction policies following the rise of global capitalism in the 80's. Sao Paolo proves that you need to actually stop and consider people first I believe. Anyway heres a video of the traffic there. I dont know much about the night and streetlife of Sao Paolo but I will add a video to show you that the ambitions to populate this city certainly shows in the nightlife.

Sao Paolo is so unbelievably big, and unlike anything I have seen in Europe or Asia. It must have taken a lot of planning but it isnt really what we know from videos from Brazil. It must be the worlds best kept secret megacity and even the inspiration for the city of Zion in the movie Matrix I believe. It is so because I believe the city is an attempt to create a big civilization there, but I doubt that these houses are actually occupied. Im gonna post a linkt to craigslist Sao Paolo if anyone wants to join the the Brazilians in their effort to become a economic superpower, or simply want a bit of fun at the beach:
I would like to go to Brazil, and maybe should have instead of The Philippines. This seems to be the ideal destination for a holiday for me, but in the mean time Im just going to be in Scandinavia. One of the good things about Brazil is the way they look at their bodies. they are really physical and unlike asians interested in actually dancing and doing things. Its also a really gay friendly destination. There is however also conservative values, which I know from a friend in Mexico. Thats why I included this tweet from someone I know in the lesbian community:

*On my first year in UP, I was so in denial w/ myself to the point that I joined in a religious org that promotes heteronormativity. *

Funny how this institution has its own set of extremes. I’m just rly glad that I learned to embrace my truth.


৮:৩৪ PM - ১২ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৯ Sunken Garden থেকে

"Cuban LGBT activists defy government, hold unprecedented indie pride parade"
Some higher-quality screencaps -- that's definitely a trans pride flag
I really like this expression of the LGBTQI envoriment because they remind me of my jewish grandmother. The girl in the picture above is someone I met online who also reminds me a great deal of a filipina woman I met in the philippines. I was a student in the Philippines and still have friends on facebook from that country. the Philippines is really a tolerant country for the most part. When I came back I actually experienced hate crimes from muslims because they saw me as a homosexual. Well everythings relative, and they just wanted to exploit me. I guess anti gay movements are still the problem with Turkey and the arab world perhaps including Japan and Malaysia. I used to be overweight because psychiatry forced me to get female pregancy hormons, which they told me were relaxing pills. Look at these people who take pride in going from obese to fat.

Im just going to share this fun video from France with girls dancing to one of my old favourite dance tracks, Blue by Eiffel 65. Paris and France is actually a very multiethnic soceity, which is probably the reason I included it in the blog. I used to dance but for some reason I didnt get around to do it much later. I guess going out to clubs wasnt really my thing. I better liked going to bars with friends. I do love music however, and also play sports. I like writing this blog, because I have read and written al my life. I see it a way of inviting people to visit places they normally wouldnt. I hear so much from people I dont know about how they are upper class and can fly around the world all the time. I even hear that girls now become expats in countries where men are the majority. I dont have a problem with this, I just wonder if its a responsible way of interacting with the world community. I have known some people from Japan because I was an expat in the Philippines and later travelled for a 2-3 years in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Dubai and United Kingdom. The girl I knew from Japan was called Seiwa as far as I remember and its sad that I lost contact with her, but its like that. It got to be that way because I was harassed by some people who claimed I owed them money, after returning from the Philippines. Later claimed they wanted to help me by offering my free psychology sessions. Because of all this I lost Seiwas phone number. I also met a dutch girl called Elma who I also met in the Philippines.

One song that reminds me of what being a unified personality means is this one by Audioslave: Be Yourself. Its about being true to who you are. I did this by accepting therapy for 10 years, and telling people about what I would do. I didnt like it, but now I understand, that there was some rules from the goverment that said, that I and others are responsible for therapy if they dont want psychiatric abuse. The law is now changed, and I insist that it is bad to say that you can control us poor people in scandinavia by claiming that the government can show up at our houses reguarly, or even place people in locked wards. They have to resume responsibility for this, in that the law works both ways, if they judge my character as to individualistic, then they also must accept themselves the human rights. Human rights such as privacy can be abolished but the right to family life and security cannot. I was stolen money from my bank account by some officials from the government which was only the tip of the iceberg in manipulating me into being a scapegoat for the political conflicts at the time. Lets call it the campaign for freedom of expression, okay?

Anyway I believe that Audioslave is great song and I wonder if its the singer or the band that makes for a top grunge experience. I think its the singer. I wonder what band would make for a similar exeprience to prove my point. I found this music video and I decided that Audioslave is similar to them. These are songs I would call romantic, even if many find them simple. At least Its what I listened to when I needed some european company in the Philippines.

I know that drugs are a big thing in the west, and even if I stopped using them, im going to review a few of the ones I tried from Asia. But first Im going to copy from South China Morning Post about how the silk road is threatened by the Gulf War. This was one of the reasons I went to the Philippines, as to bridge the gap between Asia and the Caucasian world. I didnt expect people to accuse me of being on holiday instead of working back home, but this is what the psychologist said:

A worsening rift between several Gulf Arab nations along China’s modern Silk Road trade route will make it harder for China to manage its ties in the region, according to analysts.
The nations also said they planned to cut air and sea traffic, while Saudi Arabia announced it would shut its land border with Qatar, cutting the gas-rich nation off from the rest of the Arabian peninsula.
Qatar denies that it funds extremist groups.
The nations are involved in Xi Jinping’s ambitious “Belt and Road Initiative”, which stretches across 65 countries and encompasses Asia, Africa and Europe.
The Arab peninsula is the top source of oil for China, the world’s biggest oil importer. Global prices rose in early trading on Monday.
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That’s nice. Kudos to you. That’s a good hobby. I wish I had mental energy to read past few first lines at anything, book or blog.

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4980205 Its my second blog for 10 years

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Nice. You can also try creating Instagram page, it often goes along pretty well, since nowadays people often looking for really quick fixes, and Instagram instead of web seems like a better prospecting solution.

P.S I would probably disagree with things that has “daba dee” flavor in it. For my own liking.