My birth certificate says I was born in the State Hospital

As above. My mother’s place of residence was the State Hospital. She was a single mom. She was divorced from my father in 1964 on grounds of abandonment. I was born in 1959. I was raised in my grandparents house. That’s why I don’t like showing my birth certificate and kept a passport when she was alive and I was living with her. Passports are expensive, and I don’t think I’ll be able to afford to renew it.

My father’s occupation was a Private in the US Army. Women didn’t work in those days, but my mother had to. Lots of social stigma being divorced in those days.

The hospital I was born in was demolished.

When I was born I was sent to the main city nearby’s hospital to a specialist baby unit as I was unable to breathe on my own as I was pre-mature

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Sorry to hear that. My birth was normal. I’m RH - and mother is RH -, but my sister is RH +. Luckily she didn’t have any problems when she was born.

What does RH mean?

It’s your blood type. Mother and I are A-, but my sister is A+. I’m not sure what words the RH represent. The baby has problems if the mother is - and the baby is +. The mother’s immune system attacks the baby as a foreign object.

That’s my understanding anyway.

In the old days, patients with mental problems would live in the State Hospital. State Hospitals are psychiatric hospitals in the USA.

Ah ok that makes sense.

I was born in a state hospital which in the UK is the NHS.

Private hospitals are out of reach for a lot of people here. My mother came from a poor family.

It’s a better system than the US I think, even though it has its problems.

I hope you get Biden in and healthcare can be sorted out as big Pharma etc in the US is taking the piss with what they charge for meds. The whole insurance thing is nuts as well

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I voted for Biden, but the state I live in is a Red (Republican) State. Trump is expected to win here. I voted by mail, an Absentee Ballot, as my arthritis makes it difficult to walk to the polling place.

It’s such a complicated thing you have to deal with.

I tried to watch the presidential debate on youtube over the weekend, and I found it to be farcical the way Trump behaved.

Sorry to turn this into politics. Didn’t mean to derail your thread

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That’s ok. They probably won’t lock it.

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I live here because I get my psychiatric care from a charitable not-for-profit organization that treats people with severe and persistent mental illness. With Covid19, I worried that they will go out of business. The medical school clinic no longer takes Sz/SzA patients, even though that’s where I was diagnosed SzA years ago. My only other choice is Baptist Health, that’s on a bus stop. As best as I can figure out, there is only one psychiatrist with Baptist Health that’s on a bus stop. Baptist Hospital is one of the hospitals with a psychiatric ward. I went there when I was something like 20 years old.

I was homeless about a month when I was admitted to my current psychiatric care provider. Mother had the police put me out of her house in 2008 when I was unmedicated. Then I had court ordered psychiatric treatment.

I was born in a bathtub. And my mother won’t let me live it down.

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