My biggest regret in life

I hated how insecure I became on how I sounded when my voice suddenly broke when I was 13 or 14. If it wasn’t for that insecurity I would have kept so many good friends and things would have been so different today, it changed me forever, my personality. People used to say to me never change, I did, and it’s my biggest regret…what’s yours ?

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No regrets.

I did what I could with the mind given to me. I tried. I really did and that is most important to me. Sure i’ve been shot down a million times but I perservered and I somehow got through most things.

People are cruel to those who suffer. It’s never been good in my book to pick on people who are weak just so you can feel better about yourself. I always helped out those I could and I’m still friends with some pretty strange folk but that is cool.

Past is the past. You’ve a chance to reform the future so don’t dwell on what might have been…start focusing on what you can do for the future!


Larry do u work now…??? What are u upto…!!!

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I wish i wasnt so shy my middle and high school years. I was well liked with people that got to know me and had plenty of friends outside of school but for some reason i was plagued with anxiety during school.

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You have changed but you must not regret it. It’s not your fault. In general, people change, and many, who do not have any disease, do it for the worse. They can choose. But we are trapped.
I think you have to take out the good that is in you, and feel proud of not being like others who despise you.