My biggest problem and how I'm gonna resolve it thread

I suggest we post our biggest problem we have that day or even for the last decade and our plan to resolve it. It can be any problem you want, it’s your world, you can say anything.

I start, anxiety has been one of my biggest problems in my entire life. I Remeber getting anxious at 13-14 for the first time. I was amazed at this weird feeling I’ve never felt before and I quickly realized the cause.

Since then my anxiety it came and go. After I was hospitalized and put on meds my anxiety was stronger to control, at one point anxiety controlled me.

I really lose it all after I dropped out of my first college. Since then my symtoms recovered over the course of 4 hellish years and now I’m finnaly stable and I can say I came out a little stronger out of this like all of us who lived past the hospitals days and med drop out and the delusions and all that crap, I can say I’m stronger, we all are.

How am I going to fix it, well I work for one year in therapy focus on my symtoms and I take medicine for it but it’s not enough, I am not a believer in miraculous foods or oilments.

This month I will ask my pdoc for something stronger then lorazepan, she mentioned antidepressants for anxiety in December and betablockers in January. I keep you posted.
Your friend, crocodal


I took a lorazepan and I feel better but for now

hydroxyzine is great

also l-theanine

Not a huge problem but I intend to pay a few debts off and I would do this by

  1. Don’t buy beer
  2. Budget better (discounts and simple foods)
  3. Sell goods that just sit around.


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