My biggest mistake was

@crimby my accident happened when a white car apparently cut me off on the highway. I have no memory of it, but the five witnesses said that he cut me off and I swerved to avoid hitting him.

Long story short, I never held it against him. He made a mistake. Things that I struggle with are involving insurance companies that do it deliberately to innocent people when they’re at their most vulnerable.

There’s a big difference between making a mistake and Malice my friend. Be fair to yourself I’m sure it still haunts you a bit though, I would me as well



Well I only play hardy 3 or 4 games like fifa , call of duty, assassins creed gta …

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I only play one or two games at a time myself.

I do have the Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts games in my collection but lost interest in them pretty quickly, Resident Evil is hard and Kingdom Hearts is lengthy.

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That’s not a mistake, you needed the money. I was 3 and a half months, for the second time, in the german army. I had to leave because my Military service advisor didn’t know psychosis and he got me into the army. Because it was his mistake I got out of the army with no trouble so far.

I earned in this time more than 4000 €. I did spend it all on gaming. I had a mid to high end gaming PC and a PS4, XBox One and Nintendo Wii U in 2014. I bought at least five games for each system in the first couple months.

Later then I sold my consoles besides the XBox One and my Gaming PC to my cousin to get a better PC. I remember buying a GTX 980ti and replacing it with a ZOTAC GTX 1070 AMP EXTREME Edition and buying a monitor for 700€ from Asus.

It was a waste but felt so great when I was playing my favourite games. I valued this expensive items more than food.

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Driving in that condition was unconscionable. I thank God I didn’t hurt or kill anyone in the times when I drove dirty stinking drunk. I’m also glad I didn’t get a DWI, but it might have cured me of drunk driving faster.

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I’m 55 years old now, so when I was a teenager I got caught driving loaded out of my mind, about nine guys stuffed into a stolen car with three to four in the backseat and three more in the trunk driving down a railroad track avoiding the cops… You know what they said, go straight home and park it for the night, that’s it. So off we drove

They were such different days back then. Thank God the laws have changed in the favour of safety

In the town where I grew up it seemed like every year there was some shocking auto accident where a few kids got killed. It is probably like that in a great many counties. I’m ashamed of the way we drove when I was in high school because we were risking both our lives and other people’s lives as we drove so crazily. I’m glad those days are over.

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