My big trip is getting closer and I'm anxious

In a few days I’m flying out to stay with my sister for a few days.

While I’m there I’m meeting up with my son and his daddies,

Also visiting my best friend in our hometown.

I have zero anxiety about hanging out with my sister,

She’s the best.

But I’m getting more and more nervous about seeing my son and his daddies.

He’s been asking a lot of questions about my husband and I,

Also about the adoption.

This will be my first trip ever to see them without my husband to kind of lean on.

I’m afraid to brave these questions of his on my own.

And going back to my hometown.

Oy vey.

I can’t go anywhere in that place without running into ten people I know.

Most I’d rather forget.

My friend is setting up a practice there and wants to show it off,

I want to see it, but there’s no way to avoid the hicks I grew up with.

For realz, I can’t handle a lot.

Even day to day stuff so this trip is really eating at me.

I don’t know what I can do calm down about it.

I’m most afraid of having some sort of meldown in front of my child and his parents when he asks about the adoption.

My therapist says it’s okay if I do,

And the daddies have seen more than a few very emotional moments from me.

I’m just terrified of the whole thing.


oh i hope it will go well. sounds like a tough trip…


Do you have a med that can help calm you down?

I use clozapine when I feel overwhelmed.

Sometimes just knowing I have it as a prn as back up - just in case - is enough.


I hope it’ll go well. I’m sending you good vibes.

Would it be an idea to talk with the daddies about what kinds of questions he’s been asking?
Maybe it could help you “practice” some answers for him so you don’t get suckerpunched by an unexpected question?


Sounds like a stressful situation. Have you tried role playing with your therapist? It doesn’t necessarily have to be your therapist but pretend that someone else is your son asking questions. You can try practicing answering questions if that would help with the stress. Best of luck.


Good luck @Charles_Foster . Try not to worry about it too much. Imagined scenarios are typically worse than when you actually get there. You should do fine. Maybe practice some of your answers to expected questions? Might help to calm you down.


Hope your trip goes well for you @Charles_Foster. I hope you do well answering your sons questions.

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I agree with the others about practicing responses ahead of time. I hope in the end it’ll be a nice trip for you


Thanks guys.

I have practiced some questions the daddies have told me about.

But I can’t get through without crying.

Really I can’t even think about it without crying.

Its a tough situation.

However, it is true that things always are worse in your head compared to how they turn out.


It’s ok to cry. He’ll remember that it was hard for you and know when he grows up that you really do care.


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