My big delusion

My main delusion is that I am a very special person, like a gift to humanity, and that I have incredible talents, that will be needed to save the world one day. But then there is my ex which I believe was put on this earth just to keep me from reaching my potential. She uses the help of demons to keep me down. Sometimes I think about getting rid of her but then I remember it is probably just a delusion even if it seems real to me.

Yup, you’re delusional alright and keep your girlfriend because finding a significant other who accepts your mental illness is hard to find.

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both are pretty unrealistic and: deluded.
Your ex can not harm you without your consent. It is only in your mind because you are ill. I guess she or he is probably now happy and has no clue about you. Please do not try to hurt yourself or others and take your medication.

As for being very special… it is unfortunate but everybody is special in a way, in our case our perception is extremely magnified which is false. You are special for certain people who care about you like family, your doctor etc.

So just every time you want to act on something - a delusion or paranoia - Take a step back and try to count to 20 and realize it is not ‘real’//////////////////


I do my best to stay on the right side of the fence of reality. But sometimes I just can’t help it to believe my delusion one hundred percent. Thank you for the reality check.


This very much depends on what “get rid of her” means.

If it means unfriend her on Facebook and don’t talk to her - that’s OK.

If it means something. … more permanent? Don’t do it.

Since this is your ex, probably best just forget her.


I wish I could forget her she just keeps popping up in my hallucinations with demons. Honestly I don’t know if it’s a hallucination or actually her projecting herself with the help of demons.

@Raven09 It’s a hallucination. No person on this earth can project themselves with the help of demons. (Demons don’t exist IMHO)

Yeah it’s a hallucination. Even if it wasn’t, you don’t want to get involved, just ignore that shiz.

that’s what I try and remind myself but I can’t help but believe my delusion.

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yeah it’s schizophrenia dude/dudette! It’s not god.

It’s the response of a human to a brain chemistry problem. It’s not anything but…even though it’s seems like it’s anything but…

You are special. Your 1 % of the population who has most likely a genetic trigger in your DNA that gets hit and your one of us.

It’s not special…except for those statistics and it’s definately not god!

My voices told me my wife was a witch. I told them wicca is a perfectly fine religion. They said witches put people under their control and they tried to get me to leave my wife.

I’m glad my meds are working. My wife is very important to me.