My big beef with indiana

there is just one community college, it is statewide and has many locations. all the degrees are practical and intended to get a student in the workforce after college. it is the most soulless thing ever. i want to study guitar building, or viticulture and enology, or wastewater treatment operator, or golf course mechanic, or horticulture, but here the best i can do is a biology degree. i don’t know why it has to be state wide, but it pisses me off. and i hate our current governor as well, he is asshat haha.


It’s obvious by the term ‘big beef’, you are referring to the male pen!s. This thread should be locked.

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I feel ya man. People who have access to community colleges in places like California and New York have it made. I would kill to get one of those filmmaking certificates they have access to.

No slight to my junior college though. We have a great school with awesome teachers and great career programs. I got my A.A. and A.S. from there.


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