My big attempt at reading is

Shakespeare. King Lear. I’ve got a copy and I’m thinking of trying to read it in the near future. I’m reading The Odyssey right now and it’s readable for me.


I can comprehend almost anything reading wise after so many years of miscomprehension

My laziness is mostly what keeps me from it

I’m reading a Tibetan text rn. On page 260 or so out of 400. But I feel i can read much more now it’s great :+1: :relieved:

good for you…I’m trying to read too…

Jukebox: I am a self taught classical guitarist. I’m not great at it, I rarely play a piece without a mistake, but I think I’m alright. I was wondering lately: could it be that I am spoiled or too good to learn the blues?


Also I was wondering, does a person finger pick a nylon string guitar or steel?

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I read voraciously. For me the key to reading the classic texts is to find a translation that “reads” well to you. For instance I have a great translation of “Beowulf” that is written in English but in such a way that it’s flowing the way the original verse would be. It’s very easy to read. Some literal translations are very halting and difficult to read and it makes it a chore to get through. Best to find a translation that “speaks” to you and it will be a story as intended.

There are fingerpicking techniques for both acoustic and electric guitars, but for nylon you need nails and for the other you play without nails. There is hybrid picking aswell, with a pick and your fingers.

For me the usual problem from a classical guitarist is that he is too much accostumed to reading music, and the blues is an aural tradition.

@Jinx have you seen “crossroads” the movie? It’s about a classical learned guitarist that goes down to the crossroads with an old blues man that sold his soul to the devil…anyways. the classically learned guitarist beats steve vai in a stand off and he did it with a classical piece. good. my point is you are cool for knowing classical…as far as what to use on nylon strings I always used a pick. I learn songs by ear. know 247 songs. haha I wrote three of them…haha


Well the joke is Steve Vai in real life would SMOKE that little classical guitar dude, Vai was in charge of playing “impossible guitar parts” for Frank Zappa in the 80’s, not like I’m a big Vai fan but these tech guitarist theirs learn everything up and down the neck in every scale and mode, of course they find their own voice but they’re technically bulletproof. They may not have the STYLE that makes a beautiful classical guitar performance, but they certainly have the chops.

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oh I agree…Ralph Macchio is the classically learned guitarist in the duel and Vai smokes his part…

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