My bf might be related to me

Hes Swedish and Irish… Im Norwegian amd Irish and Mexican main ■■■■… My daughter has a genetic disorder common with inbreeding :black_heart::sob::sob::sob:

Could you do a dna test to find out for sure?

yea I think DNA test is the best if u wanna make sure of things. so your Mexican? how’s the hangovers for you? lol

Umm… @Adelaing, I think you jumped to some major conclusions on this one. Do you know how many Irish people there are? Just because both of you are part Irish doesn’t mean you’re likely to be related enough for your daughter to have a disorder due to inbreeding. Sometimes, genetic disorders just happen without inbreeding or anything of the sort. You guys will only know for sure if you get DNA tests to check, but I highly doubt that you and your partner are related.


Probably not ur right

Hi, I’m a person with a possible genetic disorder.
To help you understand genetics, genetic disorders do not have to be in relation to the parents. There are two types of genetic inheritance: autosomal recessive and autosomal dominant. Recessive means that your daughter has inherited it from both parents (both parents have the defective gene(s), and are just carrying it), and dominant means that only one parent has the defective gene, and your daughter inherited it from one person to cause the disorder.
There is, however, a de novo mutation, which means that a person is born with these defective genes, and develop the disorder or just carry the gene.
I hope this helps!

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