My bestest friend with sz and aspergers

My bestest friend in the whole world is performing 2 pieces of piano music in an open musical competition, tonight.

Monthly, he gives a concert to the disabled. He received an award for this. I’m so proud of him!

He has a hard time with socialization. He’s come a long way. He said his heart wishes me to be with him. He also calls me his angel. No romance.

@firemonkey just wanted you to know you’re not alone.


That sounds awesome, would like to hear him play.

He’s so talented. I don’t have anything to upload. I’ll ask him. Thanks

@JustTrish Thanks for you post. Your friend sounds as though he’s very talented. I took music lessons as an extra curricular activity at prep school(8-13). I had no aptitude for it, and never even got good enough to take grade 1. I admire your friend’s courage for performing before an audience. Even if I was musically talented that is something I’d really struggle to do.

People with Asperger’s are a varied bunch, some very talented and some not. I fall in the latter category. @velociraptor is a very good example of a highly talented person with Asperger’s .

It would be interesting to hear from others with Asperger’s here who have a talent at something.

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I play the keyboard, but privately and for my own amusement. Having to perform a concert would kill me. Crowds. Ugh.

I understand. It’s tough to be up in front of a bunch of people. He said to tell you, both, hello.

He’s low functioning in other areas, but, lives on his own, with workers and family assistance.

Tell him from me that I hope the rest of his day is good.

Similar situation to me . I have a cleaner who comes in twice a week, and a good level of support from my stepdaughter. My depot nurse has said I’m high medium/medium high functioning with the support I get here, but that I was a fair bit lower functioning at the last place I lived where I got very little support.

It’s stated in my psychiatric care plan that the support I get is to enable me to continue living independently in my flat . There are some people who are more capable when it comes to everyday tasks than they would appear to be based on their forum participation. I’m the opposite . Forum participation plays to my strengths .

Classical or pop/rock etc?

Thanks for the.thoughtful post. I’ll tell him. He has serious social skills. His care plan is for him to live on his own, too.

Take care.

That’s awesome!!! I used to do piano competitions. Loved it! I’m glad your friend is so altruistic and talented! That’s something to be really proud of :slight_smile:

He’s going to be so honored that people are inspired. I can’t wait to talk to him. Thanks?

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Electro, 2010’s Pop, House, Classical, and Contemporary Classical (e.g. Ludovico Einaudi)

I’m a former technical trainer and hope to train on insurance some day. I can do groups up to twenty or thirty and walk away mostly in one piece. Crowds of two to three hundred are triggering for me. I can’t take them for long at all. I do just fine on air with my little station where I can’t see the 100 or so people who are connected at one time.

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I hear that, @velociraptor. I probably couldn’t do that, now, either. I’m proud of you, though!

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