My best friend's ex-fiancee just threatened to kill her and their son


She hasn’t seen him in about seven years. Somehow, he managed to get her phone number and texted her that he was going to kill her and their son. And somehow, we’re the crazy ones. One of her friends called the cops, and they came over to her house. They said that if he comes over and tries to kill her or her son, call 911. They aren’t doing anything to her ex-fiancee. She has no protection from him. She had been drinking a little bit, and one of the cops threatened to take her to the hospital in handcuffs. He also said, “What are you willing to do for me so that I won’t do that?” The other cop was nice. They called me to come over and console her, and to make sure that she wouldn’t do anything like commit suicide. We had a drink, and she is fine now, after she got it all out of her system. What a night!



good on you for helping her, but stay safe and do not get too involved .
take care



I am not sure about this, but I think she can get a restraining order from threats. Also can’t you get thrown in a hospital for being homicidal?



You would think so, but the cops weren’t willing to do anything.



Thanks for your concern @darksith.



I’d contact an attorney. I hope it works out.



Did I read that right about what the cop said? That sounded really ■■■■■■ up and makes me angry.

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What kind of cop is this? Like what the hell? Someone threatens to murder someone and no one does anything? That’s why we have issues like these school shootings etc. no one takes it seriously, and then we have lazy cops.



It is restraining order time. Just tell her, the sooner the better on this one so if he does call her again he WILL get in trouble.

I really hope she gets to a lawyer soon and addressed not only the ex-fiancee but also the inappropriate cop.



Thank you all for your comments. I mentioned to her about getting a restraining order, and she said, “Mm hmm.” I don’t think she’s going to do it. She just wants to figure out how to block his phone number from her phone. She is planning on filing a complaint report to the police dept. about that bad cop. I don’t know how serious her ex-fiancee is about actually killing her and her son. He lives about an hour away, and I don’t think he can drive. He could take the train here, though. Just have to hope that he was just trying to scare her.