My best friend stopped taking her AP and

She’s withdrawing a lot. I’m worried about her. I brought it up to her and talked to her about it but she seems to think she’s fine and just tired.

She’s bipolar. She went through a phase where she was spending money, and dating a ton of different guys and sleeping with men indiscriminately to now she doesn’t even want to check her phone anymore. It’s so hard watching her go through this


I think you did the good thing and bring that up with them. Ultimately you can’t be responsible for their actions and even if you see it going to be a train wreck you really can only warn the driver.

It’s sad. I tried to save a lot of people in my life and it took me a long time to discover that I need to save myself first and support others as I can. You can’t be everywhere and babysit adults or run their lives.


That’s true @rogueone. I’m not trying to fix her, but I wish she would take her meds.

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Stopping meds is dangerous. It’s nice you care about her and talked to her about it. But you can’t force her to do anything. She is gonna have to live with her decision. I just hope nothing bad happens. I know I’m set on taking my meds for the rest of my life. Damn near killed my mom during psychosis

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That’s scary @Edparry. I’m glad you’re committed to taking your meds

sad to hear she isn’t taking her meds… but i don’t think you can help that much. She prob will have to find out herself why she needs to take her meds. All you can do is bring it up huh, and you did that so that is really nice of you =)

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Thanks @lekkerhondje. I’ll just have to ride out the train wreck with her

i hope you manage to do that… must be hard being sick yourself and then having to take care about people in your life that also are sick. It’s nice of you to be so concerned about her. She is lucky to have you


Thanks @lekkerhondje

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