My best friend is a heroin addict

Is that a photoshopped picture of my dead grandmother btw? @Daze

Go troll HIM

Just thought it would be cool if I started talking to it in a delusional state right? Oh ok. Good man.

@odysseus2 You seem to be really struggling right now. Have you shared the way you’re feeling with your doctor? I hope you feel better soon.

Also, I just wanted to mention that @Daze has not posted to the forum in almost 6 months (since Sept 2015). From what I recall, she only posted pictures of herself and her kids occasionally on the forum back when she was posting. I hope that this helps alleviate your worries somewhat.

@MrSquirrel @SzAdmin

I think I may have dabbled in it in my early teens, I had become so dissociative that it was like I’d lived two lives at times. I now have vague memories of sitting in my dealers apartment, the little stamp bags, the native american pot where I kept needles. I later “re-met” that guy who was selling it to me, used to buy us beer and sell us pot a few years later. I “re-met” a lot of people, including my first serious girlfriend.
I don’t know, it tempts me sometimes to go back and try it because the thing I don’t remember very well is the rush or the high, just remember sort fading in and out. I was more known for coke during my dissociative periods though, that I remember. Then I’d go back to forgetting it all and to my normal life and people would be referencing all this crazy stuff about me and I’d either have no idea what they were talking about or I’d get the most god awful feeling in the world behind my forehead and sometimes collapse on the floor.
I now know that I was dealing with a severe case of some kind of dissociative disorder, which is generally believed, and in my case was, caused by severe trauma. The only thing really keeping me from re-experimenting with it, because it’s rampantly everywhere, is that the drug scene sketches me out and makes me feel super uncomfortable.