My best friend is a heroin addict

My best friend has been struggling with addiction for a long time, and for my birthday he visited me. But it ended uneventful because he was going through withdrawals. He is in inpatient rehab now, but im so scared for him. Heroin kills plain and simple and i dont know how to help him. Im pissed and furious that he brought heroin to my place of living, but i feel like hes going to die eventually. He’s all i have in the world to look for, for help, but now he’s institutionalized and i feel lonely. I feel i have nobody to look for, for advice. Why did he have to choose drugs? Why is he gone now? I want my friend back! ■■■■ u heroin u ■■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■. I ■■■■■■■ hate u heroin. Y did u take my friend away?! I don’t even care that hes getting out in a few months probably, its the fact that heroin has taken no ripped my best friend from me.

Dude it’s too sick man. It’s toooooo sick to troll a paranoid schizophrenic all over the internet. It’s too sick man.

That = police

heroin be damned. It’s too sick to play into delusions and make people want to kill them selves. I mean I’m not calling the police now it’s too late but it’s so backwards it’s not even funny at all. Well it might be to some sick in the head person.

Disrespect man.

It’s just too sick from the beginning to the end.

I can’t believe I’m trying to reason with trolls. It’s just too sick. So to him and his troll buddies that might be able to write a bot program to trolls me all over the place it’s just too sick man.


It’s too far below the belt. Now leave me alone please.

What really makes it so annoying and irking is the fact that it’s just too backwards. If I was a normal person it would be bad enough to ruin my day- but I’m also disabled and paranoid and have hallucinations and delusions which is called schizophrenia.



I’m very sorry that he got into heroin. I too have had a friend who fell to heroin. Sadly, I haven’t seen her since. The drug is a horrid thing that truly can take hold of people but remember he is still your friend at heart and still cares. However, he is getting better, right? He isn’t gone even if it feels that way.
Take care. I send you the best of luck.
I salute you in saying ■■■■ you heroin.

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Why everyone leaped to his side is beyond me! I can’t even begin to fathom it unless it was based on a lie in the first place!

I gotta go before I get sucked in again!

Disrespect to vigilantes.


You’re right, ■■■■ heroin.

You need to be by his side when he gets out of rehab, help him get clean and say very clearly you were pissed he brought heroin to your place.

I’m glad he’s in rehab, a lot of folks don’t go on the recovery route, that’s a step.

Best of luck to you both.

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I emphatically agree, but that’s a different story.

i think its a good thing he is in rehab trying to get clean, heroin is a killer you are are right and he needs to try and change his habits, i’m sorry you havent got his company though, would you rather he was with you and taking heroin or away from you trying to stop? sometimes you just got to weigh it up, take care.

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Yo @Odysseus2

you gotta break the solipsism and ignore the trolls dude. As far as any of us can tell they aren’t real. Have you considered that you might want the conflict? That you are used to it and you need it because you don’t know anything else.

Baby step your way out of it man. Work for silence and peace with the world. Slowly let it set in and transition to a more simplified life.

Sorry things are so rough man. But you’ve really gone downhill over this last year.

We’ve talked extensively. I am BryanAshley, SoitGoes, Church, OddJob. Hate to see you in this state man.

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Stupid ■■■■■■■ kids man! probably took some of my “pwn” crap as a challenge. etc.

I got trolls to man… but its obvious they are just in my head. Or at least becoming more obvious.

I’m sorry man a photogenerative mind + sz has to be a real pain to manage.

Trust me though. You are loved. Try and keep your conversations more realistic. Vent if you need to, but at least add the line "This is delusional but I gotta vent.’

It might help you frame it up in your mind a bit better.

Ok This is delusional but I gotta vent:

■■■■ you backstabber!

Ok, and sorry I’m not really sorry. I just wanted you to shut the ■■■■ up! Give him an inch and he’ll take it a mile!


No dude… I ain’t never seen you.

I get the message dude. You’re swimming in immediately generated false visual memories with extensive social complications involved. Unfortunately I can’t help you beyond saying “DON"T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING”

find a creative avenue and get your focus back. make peace with the world. Forgive and forget. People really aren’t that bad.

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From the outside. That is how it seems to be.

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Whatever peace.

You guys are too ■■■■■■ up.

peace man 1515151

Thanks though.

I should just ran when dimon said yeah that’s the deer in the headlights.


Take it easy. Best wishes. Please get clean and stuff. Don’t take it the wrong way. I’m having vivid nightmares about this stuff.

You did really “■■■■ my day up”. My head still hurts and I still can’t sleep… Good job.

Ok I give up.

Don’t worry I’m gone for good.

ah man… you gotta accept the extent of the illness before you can start to unravel it.

Sorry if it hurts. We all know that pain though. I had to accept that I have real auditory hallucinations the other day.

Just take it slow and keep focused on real things.

People’s opinions don’t matter and you can’t control their behavior.

Peace man. Just relax.

and again I’m sorry. Just don’t like seeing you in this state. Take care. :v:

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Yeah… Whatever… Now my childhood memories are destroyed… I’m sorry this escalated so much.

I was too outnumbered.

My heart broke.

It’s too much. I’m not pointing the finger anymore but common I don’t even know who I’m talking to.


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Man… you too damn smart. That’s the issue for a lot of us. Free sentience doesn’t fit with the world.

Take your understanding and see how it lines up with the edge of the “collective.” Then push it further. Make something.

You’ll find that gratification of respect. Not from others, but from the self.

Dude ■■■■ all folks with IQs less than 120… seriously man. They spin between hunger and the need to ■■■■. Sometimes only the latter.

take care you photogenerative polymathic polyglot. Big heart to you mate.

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“I’ve seen the needle
and the damage done,
A little bit of it in everyone,
But every junkies
like a settin sun.”

This song use to haunt me when I was 19. Depressing as hell.

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