My benzos went missing

I was having a rough night, hallucinations and paranoia (I think because I haven’t been getting good sleep lately) and went to take a benzo, only to find both my full bottles of Ativan and klonopin completely gone, bottle and all. I never moved them. I haven’t even used them in ages. They were just sitting in my drawer. And now they’re gone…very suspicious. I am hoping I just moved them somewhere and didn’t remember because otherwise it means someone took them and there are a couple of suspects.

My mom is going to get me a safe for my meds from now on just in case. Very thoughtless for those who would steal meds, as clearly they don’t care or realize that the person actually needs them.


Sorry your benzos went missing !!!

Maybe it was a sneaky house worker!!

I dont trust them at all!!

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I hate to hear that yours went missing. They really help in bad times. I hope you find them.

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In the case of essential medications, necessary to the maintenance of vital functions, the doctor or pharmacy would be remiss not to refill your prescription. Such action, particularly if it resulted in harm to your person, could open them to a lawsuit.

In the case of loss or theft of non-controlled substances, either you or your regular physician must submit a request to the pharmacy for a refill. Either case, the pharmacy will generally require information such as your name and patient identification number.

In the case of controlled substances, such as those with narcotic properties, it is necessary to file and submit an official police report. Either you or your physician will have to attach a copy of this report to there fill request.

Beware: never attempt to circumvent proper procedures by consulting with a new doctor and requesting a fresh prescription to replace that which was lost or stolen. Pharmacies maintain a cross-referenced database of which medications go to which patients and any irregularities are quickly noticed. Do not risk receiving an annotation regarding potential abuse of medication on your medical record. Such a remark will certainly complicate your ability to receive proper treatment in the future.

I have had meds come up missing in the past. My brother when I visited my parents a few Christmases ago he stole the Haldol bottle not know which pills of mine were of value he didn’t take the ativan.

I went two weeks without the Haldol and my doctor finally ordered more but I had to wait awhile

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