My beef with speed radars on the side of the road

When you speed, it flashes really brightly your speed in red numbers, but when you go the speed limit or under it goes blank. I really wish it said "good job! " or some positive reinforcement that you’re driving the speed limit. Oh life why do you do this to me!

where I live they just flash and you get a ticket on the doormat.

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Ohhhh that sucks I think they do that in New York

I gotten a speeding ticket that way. Sent it from the address I had in maryland all the way to texas. Virginia is really bad with its speeding tickets though.

They tried positive reinforcement and a old city I lived in, it caused a big uproar, radio station sponsored a good driving program, police would pick up on people who did very well at driving and stop them. They would get gifts, or arrested for driving with no insurance or license lol, they cancelled it mostly cause the public was mad and thought the police had better things to do. It everyone’s moral obligation to follow the laws society has developed.

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