My beaten ass stinks

I had a lover whose ass smelled sweet compared to mine. I think it was the beatings.

Maybe you need to wipe it better :joy:


Nope. Because even my farts stink.

Everybody’s farts stink!
But you can always reduce your intake of gas-producing foods like beans, cabbage and eggs

It’s not true that everyone’s farts stinks. My girl friend’s didn’t. It’s poor health that makes stinkers.

I think it has to do with foods.
Mine stink more if I’ve eaten lots of meat or the food products I mentioned.
Dairy makes me gassy, but not smelly.

Some people can tell by the feel of the oncoming fart whether or not it’ll be smelly, and either clench up or move out of smellable range

All I know is one of the reasons I hate myself is because my broken backed ass stinks.



I’m serious. I’m hurtin’.

You could make a febreeze/tylenol enema problem solved.

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If your on a high protein meat diet like i am, which naturally boosts your dopamine (for the negatives) your number 2’s are gonna stink.

Vegatarians farts probably smell alot sweeter! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the beatings that hurt.

Who’s beating you? Can you get help?

It’s in the long past. My father’s.

You know my mom’s boyfriend when I was too young to be even in school used to get wasted and beat my ass in my sleep for sucking on my thumb, but all this time later I don’t obsess about it, you’re not your childhood, you’re not your past let that stuff go chordy you deserve happiness.


My bones ache but maybe it’s just to be accepted as age.

yea i don’t think it’s that abnormal that your bones start to ache… maybe you can get a bone scan done.

I believe soap is in isle 12. I recommend Dove soap :hugs:


It’s not the ass that stinks, it’s the product.

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