My balcony looks really cute now!

Yesterday I picked out a leaf shaped ceramic decorative bowl I use as an ashtray (I put kitty litter in the ashtray), I already had a small metal table I already had that was holding plants now holds my ashtray so I don’t gotta bend down any more (I was using a planter but in the end the leaf is way cuter!) David got us two metal chairs that have a little weight to them so they don’t get toppled over and on the floor I have my mint plant, my baby chamomile and lavender plants both of them were on the table and on the other side I have lemon grass

The mint, lavender, and chamomile are on the left near chair 1

The middle is the table with the ashtray and very slightly to the right is chair 2

To the far right is the lemon grass… I like it all so much! It’s perfect!


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